About Us

Who We Are

We are women who share the Love of Motorcycles, the Love of the Ride, the Love of Learning, the Love of each other, and the Love of GIving Back.

Women from every facet of the riding community, women who have joined the efforts of Empowering Women Riders and the non-profit organization of the Steel Horse Sisterhood.

We invite:

  • Women of all ages, riding all motorcycles.
  • Women just beginning their motorcycle journey. Learning to ride, the purchase and caring of their first motorcycle, wishing to learn in a comfortable environment.
  • Women with some level of experience who want to advance their skills.
  • Women who want to share their knowledge and expertise to help other women.
  • Women who want to have fun and enjoy learning and riding in the company of other women.

Motivated by God’s love, as leaders in the women’s motorcycle community, the women of the Steel Horse Sisterhood are committed to serving people, spiritually, emotionally and physically with integrity and respect using our love for riding to positively impact lives.

Who Attends


The Phoenix RIsing is Women’s Empowerment on Motorcycles!
Women learn more about riding, from sharing their stories, comparing notes, and from hands-on workshops and clinics than they do from other electronic means. The Women’s Moto Summit is the perfect place for women to meet, grow and ride with women who share the love of riding.

The Summit attendee is many things in her day-to-day life, but above all, she is a motorcycle enthusiast. She rides on two wheels or three. She rides on the road or off. She is a novice or experienced rider, or anything in-between. Men are also encouraged and welcome to attend the Summit with their partner and may participate in some events.

Those attending the summit are helping others by participating in an effort much larger than themselves. In return, they experience a fun and powerfully inspiring weekend, make new friends, become a part of an extended family and have an amazing adventure.

What We Do

We organize specialized events offering training, education and mentoring designed to transform your life from within. No liposuction involved–except the brain change geared to rev up your world.
It’s where the nuts and bolts of topics about all-things-motorcycles meet the life skills of humor, happiness & joy and so much more. Roll with us to a new and better you as you suck the junk right out of your head and replace it with a bolder, bigger you!

We Create Events that bring women to the extraordinary riding locations Worldwide.
We Create Opportunities for women to be introduced to issues important in women’s lives.
We Facilitate fun Events that create a challenging riding atmosphere, inspiring growth in women riders life and motorcycle skills.
We Encourage women mentoring women, from the inside out.

Inspire growth in women’s lives and in the sport of women and motorcycling while making a charitable impact is baked into our mission.
Educating women on motorcycle safety, care and handling.
Developing advanced handling skills.
Developing confidence.
Networking with women of like interests.
Meeting new people/socializing.

Locations Worldwide.
Wherever there are women riding motorcycles and interested in personal development!

Meet The Team

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