Modify Your Moto 2.0

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Modify Your Moto 2.0 | Maintenance, Modifications, Gear Basics
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Your motorcycle of choice should be fun, fabulous and bring out the best in you. You need to overpower the motorcycle, not the other way around. And yes with feet flat on the ground.” ~ Vicki Gray of Motoress,

It’s not all about SPEED… Find out how Performance increases Safety through:
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Increased handling and suspension
  • Increased braking capabilities
  • Maximum horsepower and torque
  • Better performance touring
  • Decreased Heat Issues
  • Unique lighting systems

Empowered women are aware, “PERFORMANCE on the Street means much more than just Horsepower and Speed.” IT ALSO MEANS SAFETY!

Welcome to the Motification Moto Workshop Series. Friday, October 26th, 2018

Regardless of your reason for lowering your bike, it’s not a task to be taken lightly. Learn the dos and don’ts of lowering your bike to fit you, PERFECTLY! Facilitator: TBA

Seats can be literally be a pain in our but. If you take one thing of value away from this class, let it be this: A seat is the most crucial piece of equipment to ensure your comfort and ULTIMATE SAFETY. The seat your soul has to be happy. And when it is, you can ride longer and arriving at your destination with a smile. “You can have gorgeous weather, top-line gear, and a snarling, fire-breather of a bike, and none of it is worth a lick if you or your passenger is too uncomfortable to ride.” write Lemmy, a good Harley guy featured on the Revzilla’s Common Tread Blog. Watching a beautiful mountain scene or experincing the ride west, as the sun sets, from the roadside stop is nowhere near as good as riding through it. The open road holds a powerful and mysteriously attractive grip, and with the right Luggage setup, all destinations are possible. Learn the pro’s and cons of hard vs soft, choices in mounting and more. There is no right or a wrong answer for what luggage will work best for you and your ride. Your budget, the type of bike you ride, the style of riding you pursue, and the functionality you are seeking. Facilitator: TBA

It’s About Safety, Braking, Touring, Cams, Exhaust and more … performance modifications that make all the difference.

If you’ve never changed a single part on your bike, and you feel it’s high time that you got with the program, this Workshop is for you. You’ll learn radical, common sense, and simple modifications all intended to give inspiration… To be awesome!

From small, five minute changes that can transform the feel of the bike; to the small detailed parts that can take weeks to perfect; to the time and money consuming, attention grabbing alterations that no one will miss, this workshop will continue to set you on the road to understanding the many options available as you customize your motorcycle.

Essential Tips to do motorcycle lighting the right way. 4 tips to increase your motorcycle’s visibility. 10 Essentials For Riding A Motorcycle At Night.

Modifications that can be done without breaking the bank. All are in fact very affordable to do.

The right helmet can save your life during the most terrifying 30 seconds you’ve ever experienced. The wrong helmet can make you miserable on an uneventful 10-minute ride. You will leave this workshop knowing how to Assess proper Fit, shape and which helmet is for you.

Do you wish to utilize a system that will make your motorcycling experience much safer? Whatever it is that you wish to communicate to your riding partner, Bluetooth communicators and intercoms for motorcycle helmets work well. But with so many choices, how do you decide which one is best for you? This workshop will convey the value of these systems for the modern motorcyclist, which one will fit your helmet and is right for you.

The gear sessons are not meant to instill fear in any would-be riders but more to illustrate that having the right gear — and using the right gear — is tantamount to your wide-open dreams of cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway at sunrise or heading out for a weekend cruise around your city. To better prepare you, here’s some of our favorite motorcycle gear to keep you safe: from textile motorcycle jackets and pants, leather motorcycle riding jackets, motorcycle racing leathers, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, and motorcycle helmets.

Meet one-on-one with Mark DiSimone or any one of our industry experts. They will answer each and all of your questions, guarenteed.

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