Kym Laman

Steel Horse Sisterhood Executive Director Founder, Empowering Women Riders

Kym Laman

Steel Horse Sisterhood Executive Director Founder, Empowering Women Riders
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My name is Kym Laman.  Across many miles on many motorcycles, I have learned that skills are critical to not only safety but being able to enjoy the ride no matter what the road is that lies ahead!  I founded Empowering Women Riders because I love encouraging and coaching women to use these skills to become confident in their riding. I am a MSF Rider Coach with various schools and have been involved in several motorcycle organizations as safety officer.  I’ve been a member of motorcycle drill teams, and have participated in police and civilian motorcycle competition on my Harley Ultra Classic. I loved every minute! My passion is sharing safety and skill techniques to empower women riders to enjoy their riding to the fullest.

My passion for motorcycling started when I was very young riding with my mother on her motorcycle along the backroads of Texas side by side with my father.  Some of the greatest memories were made. Being this passion was in my blood, I have never stopped enjoying the love of two wheels on the road – dirt or highway.  I wanted to further my skills and began taking training classes. Although I thought I rode a motorcycle well, I found there were many things to learn and many bad habits to remove!  Each time where if felt I could not complete an exercise or course, the instructor shared skills tools and techniques that greatly helped. With these tools, I was able to accomplish and complete the courses.  My confidence and ability grew and I was hooked! I continued skills training, education and loved it and believed in it so much so, I became an MSF instructor in 2008. I have coached new riders to experienced and from all ages.  I absolutely love it. I currently ride a Harley Ultra Classic and have ridden on motorcycle drill teams and compete in riding competitions. I love to ride alongside my husband and, when we can, my 3 sons who all ride too. It’s my favorite trip when we get to ride as a family.  I also ride with our HOG LOH #3160 and The Litas of Scottsdale and have a blast with my wind sisters! So much fun to ride with these awesome groups.

I am dedicated to support women motorcyclists in skills and safety to become stronger, confident, safer riders by educating and encouraging them along the way.  I believe fundamental skills can save your life, yet are perishable and can be lost without continued practice. So, I founded Empowering Women Riders in 2017 to do just this.  Several months ago, I was introduced to Joan Krenning of Steel Horse Sisterhood and together along with many amazing women, we are working together to make the Phoenix Rising Women’s Moto Summit in Phoenix, AZ an incredible event for every women rider.  I am extremely excited and can’t wait for you to join us! My hope is that you may be encouraged, inspired and gain information that will EMPOWER you to help you enjoy the journey and give you a ride of your lifetime!


Empowering Women Riders


Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities

Board of Directors, Project Manager

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Phoenix Rising Women’s Moto Summit


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All sessions by Kym Laman


24 Oct 2018
16:00 - 19:30
Embassy - Tatum's & East Patio


25 Oct 2018
8:00 - 16:30
Arizona Motorsports Park

The POWER of STORY ~ An Empowered Woman Event ~ Open to the Public

26 Oct 2018
18:00 - 22:00
Embassy - Tatum's & East Patio