Sonya Hope

Presenting Sponsor American National Insurance

Sonya Hope

Presenting Sponsor American National Insurance
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Sonya’s passion for American muscle cars and motorcycles came from the influence of her older brothers while growing up. Instead of fixing her 1967 MG Midget for her, Sonya’s oldest brother had her replace her own clutch when she was just 18 years old. He saw the importance of empowering her to do this for herself although he could have fixed her car ten times faster. This was the beginning of Sonya’s passion for being involved in a world labeled only for men at the time.

Later Sonya graduated with a Marketing degree at ASU and went through the ranks of the Corporate world. It wasn’t until some years later that the opportunity came to work for herself, be in control, and actually help people with a plan to best protect their assets.  Even though a single working mother at the time, she traded in her SUV for a new gen Camaro SS 6 speed manual 420 hp to be true to her personality. A colleague recently asked her if she wanted to be involved in helping empower women with a group hosting the 2018 Phoenix Rising Women’s Moto Summit. Sonya got goosebumps over the idea of being the insurance sponsor for such a meaningful event with an agenda of education and empowerment. “It’s a great feeling to help women with a need, but more importantly, to be involved with helping make a difference in the empowerment of women. I can’t wait to grow new relationships with this group of women.”


Phoenix Rising Women’s Moto Summit:

Presenting Sponsor
American National Insurance Representative

Panel DIscussion
The 10 Essentials Of Coverage That Protects: Ourselves, Our Assets

All sessions by Sonya Hope


26 Oct 2018
18:00 - 23:00
Embassy Ballroom A/B