The WMS Vision

Take tradition and decorate it your way.
Because while movies may be wonderful in black and white…
when it comes to our relationships with other women…
there’s a whole range of colors and options to explore.
The Women’s Motorcycle Summit is hosted by the S.T.R.O.N.G. Women of the Steel Horse Sisterhood and Empowering Women Riders.
  • The mission of the Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities: Empowering women riders through education.
  • The mission of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit: Inspiring growth in women’s lives.
  • The mission of Team SHSC Rides & Events: Connecting women who share passions.
The Moto Summit
First and foremost, when motorcyclists register for the Women’s Motorcycle Summit, they are signing up for a transformative 4 day summit.  This summit consists of workshops, clinics, parties and a track day and is loaded with inspiring events for all women (and the men who ride with them), all skill levels and all bikes aimed at providing individuals and/or teams a platform to power up both your motorcycle and life skills.
Next, but of equal importance at this summit, is the fundraising mission. For the first time ever, the 2018 Women’s Motorcycle Summit is proud to offer Social (Also know as Peer-To-Peer) Fundraising as an option for summit attendees who choose to participate.
A percentage of all $$$ raised by the Women’s Moto Summit will go to Steel Horse Sisterhood Charities “Becoming S.T.R.O.N.G” educational grants.  These grants are intended to foster opportunities for women to change their life path by enabling them to map out new routes, aimed at a future filled with hope. We want to crush the “I can’t” mindset, one woman at a time.
A percentage of every dollar raised goes directly to the funding known as “seed money”, WMS funds enable our grant writers to pursue innovative and creative avenues that have the potential to achieve results that will warrant donors AND (OR) other private and government grants.