The Women Who Have Attended A Summit

5 years and 6 events has drawn over 500 women from as far as Sweden, Great Britian, Canada, New Zealand
and over 35 states with a camaraderie of mutual trust and friendship. The feeling that flowed through the entire event,
to outsiders, might have looked like these women were a group who had spent a lot of time together. It was genuine.
Even though most had not met before, there were no strangers in hours.  

2014 in Denver – 236 women – 160 were from the Denver area
2015 in Loveland – 118 women – We pulled very few from the city of Denver.
It was a learning year and each time I have promotoed this event, it continues to evolve.
When I moved it to the western slope, I really did believe women would ride in from a distance.
I discovered it was tough to get women to ride that far.
2015 in Ouray – 62
2017 in Ouray – 38
2017 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – 35
2018 in Silverton/Durango – 42
In these past 6 years since I peaked out from behind my computer and begin to ride again, I have noticed a shift in women.
  • More women are riding.
  • Move women from the v-twin market are wearing the new and different gear choices available.
  • Women are becoming more vocal. (We call it empowered.)

The V-Twin market is a lifestyle rather than a mere engine platform. Harley may have been the first to cash in big, but who will be next to appeal to a whole new generation of riders? Only time will tell which bikes will be on the road ahead, but the aftermarket will for sure lead the way.

But more importantly, women are seeking. They may not know for what, but they are seeking
What I discovered I personally was looking for was to discover who Joan was, up close and personal.
That is what the Steel Horse Sisterhood has done for me.
And if it will do that for me, it will do it for you, and for any woman who wishes it.
The message of the Women’s Motorcycle Summit has not changed.

Steel Horse Sisterhood: Motivated by God’s love, as a leader in the women’s motorcycle community,
the Steel Horse Sisterhood is committed to serving people, spiritually, emotionally and physically
with integrity and respect using our love for riding to positively impact lives.  

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